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We form strategic partnerships with SME Law Firms who believe they could be utilising technology better, working smarter, or improving their overall efficiency to deliver increased billed time and client experience. We work with forward-thinking firms, who want to increase the productivity of their people and the profitability of their operations, but do not have the resource, or skill set in-house to make progress in these areas.

We remove the bottle-necks and frustrations, which are preventing your people from maximising their potential. Helping firms who know they should be billing more hours, or better utilising their resources to generate improved profit from their existing revenue. Firms who want to grow, efficiently, but cant seem to make progress. We love to work along-side leaders who do not want to shy away from a changing landscape, they want to adapt and make progress, but realise they need support to do so… This is who we work with.

Our job is to work with your people, and technology, optimising the end result of all the hard work (billed time and profitability).


All engagements work to pre-agreed rates, with clients retaining control on time invested each week. Rates are tailored based on a firm’s location, and area of practice, to maximise their return on investment and ensure our fee’s deliver value.

We also have a low cost, advisory service available for clients as a starter package. This is a flexible option, so clients may sample our service levels, before making any real commitment. 

We do all of this because we are confident in our ability to deliver results, and add value. Both of which are an essential part of relationships, and reputation.

Not a traditional consultancy looking to charge day rates, and generate bills… We form part of a client’s strategic team, oversee the project and “deliver the work”. Providing the additional resource, and expertise required, to independently engage with your people, make progress, and deliver results!

We are always happy to have an initial conversation to answer any questions around our commercials, or the work we do. If you feel there may be an opportunity for us to assist with your challenges, then feel free to make contact and arrange an initial phone call.

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