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We typically work with SME Law Firms who do not have the luxury (or requirement), for a full-time member of staff to manage technology projects.

Firms who believe there is an opportunity to increase the productivity of their people, using technology, but do not have the resource or skills in-house to deliver these projects. Firms where the majority of their time (and management team) are heavily involved in fee-earning work, and realise they will require extra resource to make progress in these areas.

We work with Clients who want to be a more Efficient Law Firm. They feel there is an opportunity to increase their capacity, billable hours and profitability, but they are not sure how.

We know that every firm is unique. This is why our process is focussed on a bespoke investigation for firms of all shapes and sizes. We aim to understand first, and then review solutions, to identify which will deliver the best result for your firm, and your people.


We “bolt on” to your firm as additional resource, and investigate project areas or departments. During this consultation period we charge a nominal weekly fee, which is typically less than the cost of a trainee. We work with your people to understand their needs, and investigate solutions based on the bespoke requirements identified.

Once a business case / change is identified, we will propose a project bonus (margin) using a simple, pre-agreed calculation, which is guaranteed to deliver a minimum 4:1 return for the Client.

This structure ensures there is no conflict of interest, and we are not rewarded by selling you specific software, or identifying a list of issues and leaving you to fix them. Our business model is focussed on understanding your firm and implementing results which work for your people.

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