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A live recording (audio file) with my thoughts on the resource and leadership challenges faced by SME Law Firms.

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What do the leaders of forward-thinking Law Firms really want?

I have been contemplating this recently. Why is the Manging Partner of X firm really working with us, or any one of their other advisors for that matter? What are they really looking to achieve?  I mention this because when looking to create a new Article, I am always thinking of how I can write something which…

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3 common questions, when increasing the PROFITABILITY of your LAW FIRM?

OK so in order to set the scene, here are a couple of things you will probably already know.

Post recession cost cutting reviews have taken place. I’m not saying there aren’t still opportunities in this area, but most firms have reviewed costs and are “OK” with where they are at the moment (generally)…

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OK, so jut for a bit of background – I spend my time helping Law Firms with Paper-Lite and Digital Transformation projects. The initial goals of our projects are to reduce print, paper volumes and the numerous associated costs – but really, we are doing more than this. We are helping firms…

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Is your Law Firm Efficient and ready for growth?

There is a lot of pressure on the Law Firms to keep up with a rapid pace of change. The Legal sector news constantly reports how the latest technology must be adopted to survive. How X Firm has opened more offices or Y Firm increased revenues significantly over the previous year…

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PAPER-LITE Campaign for Law Firms.

Our campaign to support Finance & Practice Managers in their role of reducing RISK and COSTS. Law Firms have long battled with reducing Print and Paper volumes within their industry. We are here to support these individuals with a fully-managed process to identify and reduce volumes in this area.

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Want your Law Firm to transition from PAPER to DIGITAL? Well here’s how, and guess what… it’s EASY!

Everyone has heard of the ‘paperless office’. In some environments this can be achieved, but the reality is that even a ‘PAPER LITE’ environment will have a massive impact on the productivity and net profit of your firm…

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Helping Law Firms Digitise Bundles and other Workflow

Helping Law Firms Digitise Bundles and other Workflow

TBA identified a digital solution to a manual process without adding any cost to our business. Alex worked directly with the users ensuring that the new process was very familiar but much more efficient in terms of time and print volumes…

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How and Why Law Firms should Transition from Paper to Digital

With the legal services market continuing to evolve, clients are expecting modern technology and practices to be employed by law firms as standard. Yes, it may be hard to move away from old working practices…

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Efficient Law Firm - Case Management vs Document Management

Efficient Law Firm – Case Management vs Document Management?

There are number of Law Firms who want to increase efficiency and enable their people / departments to work smarter. The issues is not trying to be proactive here, the issue is that they cant seem to identify the right way to do this and find the right system to help them move forward…

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