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I partner with law firms to optimise their resources, working processes, and profitability. 

Delivering results, which enables them to become the operationally efficient “business” they know they could be.


“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”  – Albert Einstein

I am passionate about adding value, and delivering results. I no longer trade my time for a day rate. I invest my time, in partnership with clients.

Fees are structured with a fixed retainer, to contribute towards a cost of time. This ensures I can invest as much time as necessary, and a client retains control over initial costs, but we are both focussed on results.

The margin element of our fee is only generated when results are delivered. The value of which is based on a pre-agreed calculation, and centred around additional value brought to your firm.

I strongly believe this is the best way to guarantee value, and ensure we working in partnership towards common goals.

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