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Helping Law Firms improve the productivity of their people, and streamline working processes.

Delivering results which increase billable hours, long term profitability, and create a more EFFICIENT LAW FIRM.

Independent Advisors to the Legal Sector, and experts in all areas of Document Management, Paper-Lite and Digital Workflow.

We are typically retained by Firms who do not have the luxury (or requirement), for a full-time member of staff to manage technology projects within their firm (<100 people).

TBA Group work on a temporary (project) basis, to provide the additional resource, knowledge, and firepower required when looking at strategic projects.  Our “outside eyes” bring the vantage point, expertise and increased manpower required to invest time with your people. This is essential in order to understand their working processes, practices, and needs BEFORE reviewing any solutions.

We believe this is the key to identifying the right path for YOUR firm, and YOUR people. Delivering Solutions which will not only be adopted, but increase the POWER of your PEOPLE, enabling them to do more… faster.


We are confident in our process, and ability to deliver. So much so, that we offer a Low Risk, High Return Fee structure, which is focused on delivering RESULTS.

We charge a low nominal weekly rate whilst delivering the work and managing the project. We only recommend a margin, when we have identified a business case and a client proceeds to implement the results.

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